anim8 | animate | ˈanəˌmāt

bring to life.
• give inspiration, encouragement, or renewed vigor to.

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Code & Technical Art Studio.

We specialize in 3D graphics and gameplay development, computer animations, VFX, web development -and offer comprehensive tech consulting services.

Open Panorama
Open Panorama
Open Panorama
Environment from 'Project Dead End', currently in development

What we do

For the past few years we have been developing 'Project Dead End', a larger open-world game project in Unity URP; -Currently we are looking for funding.

While our own game project is still in active development, we are also available for freelance and consulting work. We can help you create interactive experiences that run accross multiple platforms and devices, from fullstack web to apps and animations!

Our passion for pushing pixels and data though multiple dimensions, following the latest trends in technology - allows us to craft bespoke digital experiences, tailored to your unique needs.

With digital workbenches we can quickly relocate as needed, so we are available to support any project worldwide, locally or remotely.

Short videos of gameplay features
Open Video Cut Trees
Open Video Fight Zombies

Our toolset

Our workstation include these digital tools:
Unity, Cinema 4D, Blender, Adobe Creative Suite, Substance Painter

And we have years of experience coding in:

In addition to a great passion for taking on new challenges and expanding our knowledge. (Our latest endeavor has been dabbling with shader code!)

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